Nexus 7 and Nexus 10: Ubuntu Touch Developer Coming to Nexus Tablets [PHOTOS]


Canonical takes another step to leveling up as it embraces the world of tablet devices. It has been recently revealed that the Ubuntu Touch Developer will soon be available for tablets like Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 to support the applications.

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview will be launched on February 21 through the web site and it will reportedly work on the Nexus 7 worth $294.99 at Amazon as well as the Nexus 10 tablets. At the conference call held on Tuesday, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth stated the Ubuntu for smart phones and tablets utilize identical binaries.

"The tablet interface is presented by exactly the same OS and code that provides the phone, PC and TV interfaces, enabling true device convergence. Ubuntu allows a phone app on the screen at the same time as a tablet app. The Ubuntu side stage was invented both to enable efficient multitasking and to improve the usability of phone apps on tablets," Canonical declared.

The Ubuntu Touch Developer for tablets will support screen sizes from 6 inches to 20 inches including resolutions between 100 to 450 ppi. According to Canoncial, an Ubuntu tablet can offer a full PC experience when docked.

A well-matched operating system is an excellent feature for the device users since it will allow the Ubuntu operating tablets connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and work accurately like a desktop.

"The tablet fits perfectly between phone and PC in the Ubuntu family. Not only do we integrate phone apps in a distinctive way, we shift from tablet to PC very smoothly in convergence devices," Oren Horev, the lead designer for the Ubuntu tablet experience, affirmed.

Other interesting Ubuntu tablet features are the multi-tasking options where some applications can still function in a split-screen mode and the user interface utilizing screen edges that creates less cluttering in the navigation between applications and settings. The customized home screen will also allow the device users create their own tablet experience.

Canonical plans to launch the Ubuntu 13.10 smart phone experience on October 2013. "The tablet experience is expected with Ubuntu 14.04," Shuttleworth confirmed. The company revealed they are currently negotiating deals with the top carriers in North America, Europe and China.

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