Nexus 7 2nd Gen vs iPad Mini 2: Release Dates, Specs, Prices; Which One For You?

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The Nexus 7 2nd generation release date falls in early August, according to rumours. The iPad mini 2 will reportedly arrive in late September or early October. This is another interesting Android vs iOS battle, but most of analysts' money is still on the small iPad. One of these tablets is not exactly better than the other, but certain considerations would make it seem so.

The Nexus 7 2 will come with spectacular hardware specs, but the iPad mini 2 will pull in buyers by simply looking pretty. Apple device buyers put a lot of premium on aesthetics. But this is not to say the device has nothing to offer under the hood. The current iPad mini is also winning raves for its reliable battery life and great-for-eBook-reading screen size.

The Nexus 7 2 will reportedly feature a rear camera this time around. The iPad mini 2 will sport the Retina display technology. Both moves are expected in light of insistent user demand in 2012. What both devices will not (ever) offer, however, is a provision for external storage. Neither Apple nor Google is a fan of storage expansion as both companies would rather have their users pay for extra cloud storage.

In Australia, the Nexus 7 16GB WiFi only variant costs $290. Its counterpart in iPad mini has a $359 price tag. Rumours say the refresh editions of these devices will carry almost the same price tags. The Nexus 7 has better CPU (quad-core with 1GB of RAM), but it lacks a rear camera. The iPad mini features a better screen contrast in outdoor browsing and longer battery life. Many users also find it easier to manage their media files on an Android device. (If you're not jailbreaking your iPad, that is.) What kind of tablet requirements do you have in mind?

If you're looking for the one-and-only best tablet in 2013, stop now. It doesn't exist. But you can find the best tablet for you and your personal demands. If you're an Android fan, keep yourself updated with Google Nexus 7 2 updates. If you're an iOS user, follow iPad mini 2 scoop. If you're neutral, you might just be able to get the best of both worlds.

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