Nexus 6 Tweets How Shopping Made Easy With Google Now; Others Suggest Image Tweet A Hoax

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The assumed new look and specs of the Nexus 6 has been seen online once more and this time, it is telling about the convenience of using Google Now for grocery items and shopping lists. Is the real device or simply a mock up for anxious fans?

Nexus 6 Snap Shot

A tweet from @Android revealed an image of the alleged Nexus 6 smartphone using Google Now to simplify grocery items and shopping choices. Nexus 6 was almost forgotten after Google announced their plan for Android Silver which will replace the Nexus line up starting next year.

Android fans started the spark for Nexus 6 and asked what kind of smartphone was used for the shopping spree. Tweet replies are divided if it was the upcoming Nexus 6, LG G3 and how Google now perform such tasks. One even asked if it is possible with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Unfortunately, the teaser from Android remains a mystery whether it was the Nexus 6 smartphone or not.

Possible Hoax Image

Android's official tweet with a new smartphone made the fans go crazy for "a new phone" coming out - but be wary about everything you see online. According to CNET, this is not the first time Google used a previously unseen device for promoting apps and services.

Nexus 6 leaked image has been judged fairly quickly after reminding tech sites of an image with a woman holding an alleged Nexus 8 in a coffee shop. Scepticism also reached the image on Google I/O official Web site of Nexus tablet which probably not the upcoming Nexus 8.

But it does not mean that Google is not working on Nexus 6 or Nexus 8. Android Silver is not yet implemented to replace the Nexus line for 2014 and Android fans may still expect some hope to see the very last generation Nexus smartphone and tablet this year.

Nexus 6 Rumoured Specifications

Some reports revealed that Nexus 6 will feature powerful specifications to match other brands. It will also run the next-generation Android version - 4.5 or 5.0 - along with Nexus 8 and the rumoured Nexus 10 2.

- 5.0 inches of screen display

- 2K UHD display resolution

- 20 MP camera with OIS (based on Nexus 5)

- Qualcomm processors with 64-bit support

- 4 GB of RAM chipset

- 64/129 GB internal storage capacity

- 4G LTE capable

The prices may differ if Nexus 6 sports the new 64-bit processors from Qualcomm as they are expected to become premium hardware components. Additionally, higher RAM capacity may also affect the overall selling price.

For those who want to get the upcoming Nexus 6, make sure to keep an eye on Google I/O event coming very soon to confirm its official announcement.

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