Nexus 6 Release Update: Build, Specs, Features & Software of Nexus 5 Sequel Exposed If Modelled After Moto X2 (X+1)

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To date, LG, HTC and Motorola continue to vie for the honour of assembling the Google Nexus 6 on release date with the latter recently providing clues of specs and features of the device when manufactured under its guidance.

In a report by Android Central, Motorola's Punit Soni gave considerable glimpses on the very roadmap that the Moto X2 or X+1 and its 2014 siblings are taking, somehow revealing what the Nexus 6 will be under the same brand.

Below are the details that will make a Nexus 6 portrait as framed by Motorola expertise:

Nexus build the Motorola way

Google has not discouraged tinkering and modification on all its Nexus devices, hence they are powered by pure Android builds. That is the norm since Day One and in introducing the Moto X and Moto G last year, Motorola added to the delight of Android lovers further control of the gadget they bought - personalisation.

Motorola, according to Android Central, has no intentions of changing this beloved Moto device feature, which likely will be extended to the Nexus 6 in the event the Moto X2 becomes the base-model of the former.

Specs and features

While billed as the Motorola flagship, the first Moto X veered away from directly competing with its rivals in terms of the specs race. Instead, the company stuffed the device with mid-range components that are complemented with cutting edge features. Active Display or the device always listening to its user's biddings quickly comes to mind.

As a result, consumers get to take home a reasonably-priced product with capabilities that not only are exciting but actually usable.

If Nexus 6 is the Moto X2, this remains part of the deal and probably more as Punit shares to Android Central that the device, already impressive in the first build, is a work in progress. That should read: more killer features, ones that really matter, are on their way.

Clean, pure and stable Android

The prime commitment from Motorola on all its smartphones is for users to experience raw Android at its best, Punit said. That means Android implementation that is pure and stable - no Motorola layering and on-time if not real-time absorption of patches and updates once dispatched by Google.

Motorola also promises clean Android rendition in all its mobile devices, assuring that no clutter will intervene in the Moto X2 environment. Now that sounds Nexus 6 already.

The Nexus 6 release date, per Google, will be in the second half of 2014 regardless of who the builder is though an early market entry could happen, likely between August and October of the same year.

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