Nexus 6 Release Date Update: Top 5 Power Specs & Killer Features to Expect from the Nexus 5 Successor

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When LG started leaking out details about its LG G Pro 2, rumours about the Nexus 6 release date this year also commenced circulating with many believing that the former is Google's template for its 2014 flagship.

This week, more specs of the G Pro 2 hit the Internet, bannered by a nearly 6-inch screen that will boast of 1080p resolution. Numerous reports also indicated that the upcoming LG device is a powerhouse, thanks mostly to its quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip that will partner with 3GB of RAM to quickly perform tasks even in multiple instances.

However, there really is no assurance that the Nexus 6 will be modelled from the G Pro 2 or the LG G3, which is also rumoured to also come out this year. This is in light of Google's recent decision to send its Motorola Mobility division to Lenovo's fold.

The news immediately sparked speculations of possible closer collaboration between Google and Lenovo that could lead to Motorola enjoying exclusive access to the beloved Nexus brand.

Of course, nothing is written on stone about these matters - which will make and what will be the final cut of the Nexus 6. What is sure though is the stock Android device will deliver upgraded features from the previous versions, certainly impressive enough to take on its two key rivals this 2014 - the iPhone 6 from Apple and the Galaxy S5 from Samsung.

And five of these superb offerings are provided below:

A monster smartphone

In order to compete with Apple and Samsung, the Nexus 6 needs the processing chip muscle that should definitely improve from last year. It appears that the mobile device CPU race will centre on 64-bit or 8-core capabilities. The former is almost certain to be part of the iPhone 6 while the latter is Samsung's imprint for the Galaxy S5.

As 64-bit or 8-core chip is yet to come out of production plants outside of Apple and Samsung, quad-core chip will the likely choice for the Nexus 6 which pushes up the new Snapdragon 805 as the most solid candidate to bring the device into life.

Sexy, slim and durable body

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to be encased in a Liquidmetal case with companion sapphire glass cover and coating. On the other hand, the Galaxy S5 build is said to make the big jump from plastic to metal. The common denominator is, both manufacturers are so bent to deliver their respective flagships wrapped not only in alluring packages - thin and light - but also in housing materials that could withstand natural wear and tear plus deliberate abuse on daily basis.

These indicators should serve as cue for Google to make a Nexus 6 that exudes with irresistible sex appeal while blanketed with top-notch durability.

A phablet-size native Android phone

Phablet is the wave of the smartphone future, which according to analysts will bump off smaller phones and even nudge compact tablets to near irrelevance. The GS5 is rumoured to sport a 5.2-inch screen while the iPhone 6 is seen to upsize from its current 4-inch screen profile to anywhere from 4.5-inch to 5.7-inch.

The point is, supersize smartphone screens are flexing their muscles in the quarters and years ahead and the biggies - Apple and Samsung - are taking heed. So is Google so Nexus fans can expect the Nexus 5 replacement to bump up from 4.9-inch to anywhere between 5-inch and 6-inch.

Latest Android build

As the usual case, the next Nexus phone is bearer of the freshest that Google cooks up. For the Nexus 6, the consensus is it will unleash Android 4.5 to overwhelm KitKat or version 4.4. Report said the new mobile platform will be known as Lollipop or maybe Google will pull out Key Lime Pie from the archives.

In any case, Android 4.5 is geared to battle with Apple's iOS 8 and Samsung's Android rendering, which is thought to be more Google-centric starting off with the Galaxy S5.

Solid price tag

The main reason Nexus devices are loved by Android fans is their affordable price, which Google mixes with superlative components. It is expected that Google will employ the same business approach in the Nexus 6.

As such, retail pricing of the Nexus 6 on Google Play Store would likely start between $300 and $400 for the basic model, generally reflecting the same allure that were seen in the earlier Nexus smartphone editions.

The Nexus 6 release date, at the earliest, is likely to happen between May and June 2014 with Google using its annual I/O Developers Conference as the launch platform.

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