Nexus 6 Release Date Dilemma with Motorola Shamu Details Pointing to Better Smartphone and Killer Features

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The latter part of the year marks the period for major releases from some of the biggest names in tech like Apple's iPhone 6, Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 and possibly Google's Nexus 6 also reported as "Shamu." Nonetheless, Google has not provided any hints on the release of the device thus the dilemma over its launch. Reports also indicate that the reported "Shamu" device may not the Nexus 6 but an even better unit under the Android Silver program. What can people expect? 

The only possible official hint that people can take is what Android Chief Sundar Pichai said during the Mobile World Congress 2014. According to Value Walk, Pichai did say that the device will be launched by the second half of the year. If analysts are to be believed then this can be around October or November. 

The device has been spotted numerous occasions already including via Chromium code. German developers Florian Kierschand and Carsten Knobloch pointed out the Nexus 8 and Nexus 6 listed. However, the listing does not provide further details about the devices. 

In another report by TKTechNews, the Motorola Nexus 6, reportedly "Shamu," may not be the actual smartphone people expect. The device may be under the Android Silver program and with Verizon. 

The device has been confirmed by the website through IMEI verification under Swappa. It has a valid IMEI code although it was not listed. According to BGR, this means the device has not been released yet. The model came with Verizon details. According to TKTechNews, the device will sport a 5.9-inch 2K display, 13MP camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and "ridiculous amount of RAM." 

The Google Shamu also reportedly showed up on AnTuTu benchmark revealing the following details: 5.2-inch Quad-HD (1440x2560 pixels) display, quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7GHz (exactly 2649MHz), 3GB RAM and Adreno 420 GPU. It is not clear yet which one Google will go for its next release. 

Google's Nexus 5 device has been plagued with complaints following its Android update. Analysts believe that the company can still step up with their smartphone game with the Nexus 6. The latter part of the year can make way for extremely stiff competition in the smartphone especially with upcoming releases. 

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