Nexus 6 on Release Date Confirmed with Expanded Photo Services & Customisation Options as Feature Upgrades – Reports

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Nexus 6
Concept video of Nexus 6, uploaded on YouTube by CTNtechnologynews. Screenshot from YouTube Video

In upgrading from Nexus 5 to Nexus 6, Google is reportedly equipping the device with fresh killer features stuffed on Android L and some of which are either hinted or already available prior to the release date this year.

Social media functions

One likely inclusion is the new photo service that according to Bloomberg is designed with features independent from Google+. As a result, the Google+ Photo is planned for a reconfigure but will essentially remain integrated with the Internet search giant's social networking site, added the report.

The new service is apparently meant to make the social media function more accessible as overriding the Google+ requirements would allow non-members to also come in. It is understood that the stand-alone photo service will also be made available outside of Google-sanctioned devices - Nexus and Google Play Editions that is.

"The move would enable the photo service to stand more independently and be accessible for consumers who aren't part of Google+, potentially spurring more growth," Bloomberg said on its report.

The whole idea is in line with Google's thrust of providing affordable devices that will serve as ticket to nearly uninterrupted connection to the internet.

Personalised Nexus experience

Another potential feature upgrade for the next Nexus is already found in the Nexus 5. According to 9to5Google, Workshop is a customisation tool that likely will get a major upgrade treatment in time for the Nexus 6 unboxing.

In its present build, Workshop has two components. First, 'Moments' allows users to designate a photo, either from built-in storage or hosted in Google+, as live wallpaper with options to add text in specific locations within the image.

The other one is MapMe, which essentially is a wallpaper application that changes the displayed picture depending on the location of the device user. The app can also stream useful local information such as weather updates and social media feeds.

The inspiration for Workshop is the Moto Maker feature that Motorola has introduced with the Moto X, 9to5Google said, adding that the tool is likely intended for an across the board deployment for native Android devices.

The two feature upgrades discussed above are expected to be packed with the Android L-powered Nexus 6, the release date of which is believed set by Google between October and November 2014.

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