Nexus 6 Release Bendable/3 Sided Display Revealed: Release Date and Top Features

By @peevesky on

Following Google's release of the Nexus 5, the market has been on the lookout for the next Nexus release. According to recent information, the internet giant may be gearing up for a Nexus 6 release soon.  As opposed to previous reports, the hype over the Nexus 6 release is not just based on rumors. This time, a leaked render suggests that Google will be releasing the device featuring a three-sided and bendable display. What can people expect? 

Google's Nexus program is best known for offering premium features at competitive price. This has been the ticket of Nexus devices especially the Nexus 7 to success. This is also the reason why people anticipate product releases from the company. However, increasing competition of smartphones forces manufacturers like Google to think out of the box. 

According to a report by Truth Dive, Google has to find a way to lure people to the device but also outperform devices like the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet and the Galaxy Note 4. In line with this, the report suggests that Google plans on including 3-sided display to the Nexus 6. The display is also bendable for added point of interest and functionality. If Google can pull of this off then it will be a point of differentiation for the company. The device may stand out than existing products. 

Google has to work hard on marketing the new device as it may not be long before the three-sided display finds its way to competitors. There have been reports saying that Samsung has also been experimenting on brining a 3-sided viewing option to its upcoming Galaxy Note 4. The device will likely hit stores around September. 

In line with the release of the Nexus 6, there are also talks that Google will be following the design format of the LG G3 for the device. According to a report by NDTV, Google plans to base the build of the Nexus 6 to the G3 including a 5.5-inch screen in the process.

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