Nexus 6 to Include iPhone Top Feature - Leak

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Google will reportedly be launching Nexus 6 this year.

Although there are reports suggesting Google will move away from the Nexus line and take on the new Android Silver program, there are other reports confirming few details about the handset countering Google's Android Chief Sundar Pichai's statement that a new Nexus handset would not arrive in the first half of the year. But nothing else has yet been revealed about Google's Nexus plans.  

Android Geeks, a popular news report, has learned the phone will include a fingerprint scanner while the company is in talks with Asian fingerprint sensor suppliers. iPhone 5s has been Apple's first iPhone model to launch with a fingerprint sensor feature, followed by the rival companies, including HTC and Samsung that also involves such capabilities.

It is also rumored that Nexus 6 will be based on LG's forthcoming G3 smartphone. Although the new phone is similar to G3 that would provide the same "Quad HD" resolution at 1440 x 2560, it is claimed that Nexus 6 will arrive in a slightly smaller form. The G3 offers a 5.5- inch display, while the Nexus 6 would settle for a 5.2-inch display screen.

This is not surprising to see that LG G3 and Nexus 6 would like to join with the lead companies by flaunting their own fingerprint sensor feature. Other details and specifications regarding the handset are not mentioned, but rumors make the rounds to keep the hype intact.

Future Projects

Google is reported to launch a much cheaper Nexus smartphone this year that would be based on MediaTek's chips and cost less than $100. The company will be gearing up to release the Project Ara in early 2015, which will probably put a solid push behind the line of devices. Nexus 8 tablet with an Android 4.5 version also comes under Google's tag of future releases.

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