Nexus 6 Development Ongoing and Features Similar LG G3 Display; Android 5.0 May Have Multitasking Feature

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Nexus 6 development may not be over after all based on a source close to Google revealing the project ongoing and expected to be launched later this year. Meanwhile, Android 5.0 "L" appeared on leaked screenshot that may feature "multitasking" capability.

Nexus 6 Still Kicking

Some reports have indicated the end of Nexus 6 development, but a source from ausdroid who is close to the Google project advised that the smartphone remains under developmental stage and expected to be released later this year.

Additionally, the source also revealed that the next generation Nexus smartphone will feature the likeliness of LG G3's 5.5 inches display screen. However, the same source did not mention specific details about the display screen such as resolution if QHD, pixel density or display technology.

Apparently, the source would not reveal which manufacturer has been chosen to co-create the upcoming Nexus 6 smartphone but noted that it should be ready around October or November 2014 - probably at the same launching date of the next generation Android OS that may follow last year's trend.

LG's Communications director Ken Hong stated that there are no Nexus devices currently lined up for the company.

Influences of Android Silver

While many reports tackled the drop of Nexus devices over the upcoming Android Silver, some believes that the removal of Nexus devices is unnecessary as certain developers consider Nexus series as an essential line-up for applications.

Here are some good reasons why Nexus device should be retained for some time regardless of Android Silver:

1.      Nexus devices are low cost gadgets compared to other brands.

2.      Nexus models are always flagship devices priced reasonably.

3.      Nexus series carries the latest hardware components within its timeline.

4.      Some Nexus devices feature important sensors used by several applications today.

5.      Primary use of Android's stock ROM and vanilla user interface.

Android Silver is not yet 100 per cent confirmed on replacing Google's Nexus line and developments may still occur as its initial implementation date is due on 2015.

Android 5.0 L Exposed

A screenshot has been captured revealing certain details from the alleged Android 5.0 "L" running on Nexus 4 smartphone. Android 5.0 alleged screenshot contained several key elements that may comprise Google's update on the user interface.

1.      Letter "L" notifications tray icon for the debugging mode.

2.      Changes on the border around Chrome which may be a part of Chrome 37 based on a Reddit post.

3.      Possible multitasking feature due to exposed wallpaper behind the launched application.

Although exciting, there is no verification yet from Google about the leaked image and fans should wait till it is made official at Google I/O event.

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