Nexus 6: 5 Reasons to Wait for New Android Smartphone

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Rumour has it that Google is engineering a mid-range smartphone called Nexus 6 to come out by October of this year. With so much flurry and excitement going on over the release of this new  gadget, there are five reasons to wait for this.

1.       Nexus 6 will be the ultimate budget-friendly smartphone. Speculations emerged that the upcoming Nexus 6 will cost only less than $100 making it a lot cheaper than its predecessor Nexus 5 released last November which was priced at $350. This wallet-friendly, entry level smartphone will even be cheaper than the Moto G model with 8 GB hardware, according to Trusted Reviews report.

 Although this is engineered for developing market such as China, smartphone enthusiasts all over the world would be happy to grab a unit given the affordable price of the soon-to-be released Nexus 6.

2.    Nexus 6 will utilize MediaTek chip which is known for its affordable processors.  According to Asia One report, the Nexus 6 gadget is expected to utilize MediaTek chip to make the smartphone affordable to the market. It will have an eight-core 64bit quad-core processor in it which will be coupled with certification on IP67 water and dust resistant capabilities.

 It can be noted that MediaTek has been popularly as the dominant brand when it comes to entry level to middle level Android smartphones. When this happens, MediaTek processor of Nexus 6 will be the reason behind its affordable price compared with the more expensive NVIDIA Tegraand Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

3.    Nexus 6 will come out with a great screen. Leaks come out that the upcoming wallet-friendly device will feature a wide 5.5 inch screen with 2560 x 1440p display. It will also have an image density of 534ppi in quality high definition so users will be able to sharply see the information displayed on the smartphone's screen.

4.    Nexus 6 will have blazing performance. With the predecessor model Nexus 5 delivering tremendous output for a budget-friendly smartphone, Nexus 6 will hopefully deliver the same or even better performance which will be ultra-fast, refined, and stylish given its lightweight and fast processor.

 5.    Nexus 6 will be manufactured by big names LG and Google. Google which teamed up with LG to come up with budget friendly smartphone Nexus 6 which will hopefully live up to the expectation of producing reasonably priced gadgets just like its previous releases of Android smartphones.

The reasons above make phone shoppers optimistic over Nexus 6. 


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