Nexus 5 in Yellow Appears on Google Site

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Google is all set to make its Nexus 5 offering all the more colourful, with yellow being the newest colour that buyers can opt for. According to BGR, yellow as a colour choice has already been listed at the smartphone's Android site. However, Google Play Store is yet to reflect the yellow color options for the Nexus 5. Google has also been quick to remove all mentions of 'yellow' from the smartphone's Android page, which has led many to doubt if it could have been a mistake in the first place.

There have been rumors earlier of Google planning to add more color choices with the Nexus 5 though that turned out to be grossly unfounded. It is not known for sure if we are witnessing something similar though the only hope is that this time the additional color choice has come straight from Google. Other color options available with the Nexus 5 are white, black and red.

There has been an increasing tendency among manufacturers to offer smartphones (as well as tablets) sporting colorful shades in their bid to entice more buyers. Nokia has been using this strategy to the hilt and makes it a point to launch their offerings in brilliant colourful shades other than the usual black or white. Apple too has followed suit and had launched the latest iPhone 5 in several color choices, a far cry from the usual black color that used to be the only color choice on offer. It will be interesting to note that it took Apple quite a while to launch its first iPhone sporting the white shade. That was the iPhone 4 which was launched in 2011, a full 10 months after its black counterpart was launched.

Cut back to the present and the iPhone lineup now is more coloruful than it has ever been, with gold being the most preferred choice. The same goes to the cheaper iPhone 5c which too is available in bright colors.

Coming back to the Nexus 5 and its rumoured yellow makeover, there is no way we can be sure if it's just a mistake or Google does have something of this sorts up their sleeve. Worth mentioning here, the launch of the red color was part of its KitKat strategy as the particular shade of red was a lot similar to that used by Nestle for its KitKat chocolates. Now with Android L being next in the pipeline, many believe it could be Lemon Yellow sort of thing Google might be contemplating, more so if the forthcoming Android L stands for Android Lime or Lemon. 

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