Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy Gear Paired: Free and Easy Way to Make Samsung Smartwatch Work on Nexus Phone

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Samsung Galaxy Gear has been made workable for Google's Nexus 5 smartphone and details of the manual installation method was revealed as well. Here are the steps to partner Galaxy Gear to your Nexus 5.

Galaxy Gear on Nexus 5

Smartwatch Fans made Galaxy Gear compatible for Google Nexus 5. The installation process allows a Nexus 5 user to control and access functionality of the amazing Samsung smartwatch designed supposedly exclusive for Galaxy devices.

How to Enable Galaxy Gear

1.      Make sure you use the app for Nexus 5 not Nexus 4.

2.      Enable unknown sources installation on your smartphone.

3.      Download and install the gearmanagerstub.apk on your Nexus 5. You can download it on your computer then simply transfer it to the internal storage using a USB cable.

4.      Download the Gear Manager version 1.6.111801 then renamed the APK to ZIP.

5.      Open the ZIP and go to "assets/preinstallapks."

6.      Install each of the APK files to your Nexus 5 smartphone one by one. However music and weather will not install.

7.      Install the full Gear Manager 1.6.111801 APK, this time the actual APK not the ZIP.

8.      Pair your Galaxy Gear to the Nexus 5 smartphone via NFC or manually. It may take more than a few tries before the two gets paired. Remember, your device is not a Galaxy smartphone compatible with Galaxy Gear.

9.      Download and install the ATNManager 1.2.2 on your Nexus 5.

10.  Allow the ATN Manager access via Settings > Security > Notification Access.

11.  Inside the ATN Manager, choose what notifications you'd like to receive on your Galaxy Gear.

Successful installation and pairing will allow you to receive notifications on your Galaxy Gear via ATN Manager app. However, the notifications may not appear so pretty than expected such as only giving option to view via phone.

Change log of the app for Nexus 5

-          Improved pedometer accuracy

-          Add setting menu "Motions"

-          Change motion menu for wake up gesture

-          Implemented stand-alone alarm

-          Additional PIN lock included

-          Changed and improved notifications menu

-          Implemented more notifications

-          Galaxy Gear display messages of the notification of the quick panel on Nexus 5

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