Nexus 4 White Model Leaked: Photos reveal a sleek two-tone side


Nexus 4 white variant, a Google smartphone featuring a two-tone side, could soon hit the gadget stores near you. The LG-manufactured device is now available again at the Google Play Store (at least for U.S. and Germany users), and its availability coincides with leaked photos of a white model.

The Vietnamese site Tinhte has released a set of white Nexus 4 photos, sparking rumours that buyers will soon have the option to get the new model. The site is known to sleuthing tech bloggers as a reliable source of images for yet-to-be-announced gadgets.

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Nexus 4 White Model Leaked: Photos reveal a sleek two-tone side (Image: also reported it received a photo of a white Nexus 4 from an anonymous source. The image shows the rear side of what is supposed to be a Nexus device. It was the first white Nexus 4 photo to make the rounds on the web.

"According to the EXIF data on the image, the picture was taken with an LG Optimus G last week. This may mean the image is coming from someone within LG, or it may not mean anything," reports PhoneArena.

The Tinhte photos go beyond showing the back of Nexus 4 white variant. It showed the white device being held for a look in its two-tone side.

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"Similar to the white Galaxy Nexus, the front of the Nexus 4 is a black, [which] contrasts perfectly with white back," reads the translated report of the Vietnamese site.

AndroidPolice considered the image could have been a paintjob, but it would have to be a very good one. Phone Arena checked the first image with FotoForensics just to be sure. The release of the Tinhte photos appears to have established the first white Nexus 4 photo is legit.

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