Nexus 4 Remains Unavailable; App Checker for the Google Smartphone Appears on Play Store

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Google's Nexus 4 remains out of reach but fans of the popular but hard to get smartphone have devised ways to make the waiting a bit easier. If you are one of the many wanting to own the LG-manufactured handset, head out to Google Play store now.

Two Nexus 4-centric apps, the Nexus Availability Checker and the Nexus Checker, were recently released on Android marketplace to specifically aid Nexus 4 hunters in their quest to secure the elusive signature smartphone from Google.

According to Phones Review, the two free apps deliver notification to users' smartphone the moment any of the Nexus device models become available. The two gadget checkers are ready for download anywhere in the world, which means their usability is not limited to certain countries as per the reports by some blog sites.

To date, users have left relatively high ratings for the two apps, indicating that they are performing within expectations. These checkers apparently are taking on the job botched by Google so far - delivering timely alerts for Android fans wanting to lay their hands on the Nexus gadgets that became instant global hits.

While the Nexus 4, the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 generally won plaudits for their powerful functions that are easy on the pocket, Google received flak for manner it handled the products' supply movement.

Since the devices' debut, stock outs have encountered excited buyers, who at times were reduced to paying more money for the gadgets that Google had intended to be dirt-cheap when possible.

Blog reports returned no joy for frustrated Nexus fans as of last week, with Google Play store showing no sign that its stock has been replenished.

The only noticeable change was reported by Phone Arena, saying that as of Dec 27 users who previously ordered the Nexus 4 have received altered order status on their credit card accounts. Many have reported of 'pending charge' status for the Nexus 4 that they ordered some weeks before the holiday season.

The notifications appear to be applicable on 8GB and 16GB models that were pre-ordered before Christmas. Sadly though, Nexus 4 for these buyers will only start arriving way after the global celebration for New Year has already died down.

In an earlier statement, Google has admitted that its Nexus 4 supply chain is erratic, hinting too that the phone's scarce availability was partly a fault by LG.

The tech giant, however, has issued assurances that the problem will be totally resolved in the early days of 2013, insisting that Nexus 4 will finally reach the hands of many who have been waiting too long to try out the smartphone.

In terms of consumer reaction, the Google smartphone rivalled that of the popularity generated by its more illustrious competitions - Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S3, tech experts noted.

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