Nexus 4 Owners: Why Root Your Smartphone, How-to Guides for Non-Techie Android Users

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Nexus 4 supply is getting better now, which means many of those who have been waiting for months are now enjoying Google's flagship smartphone. New owners might want to root their Android phone, others might be satisfied with the way things are running out of the box. But to those who are tech-curious, here is an introduction to rooting the LG-manufactured Nexus 4.

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Nexus 4 Owners: Why Root Your Smartphone, How-to Guides for Non-Techie Android Users (Image: Google)

Rooting 101: What happens if I root my Nexus 4?

Rooting your phone means grabbing the administrator role for your mobile phone, or in this case, your Google Nexus 4. (If you use Windows PC, think of running programs as the administrator.) Android enthusiasts root their phones to unleash the true power of their device and have control over it. Managing your files down to the system files is made possible by a rooted device.

However, rooting cancels the mobile user's warranty. This said, be advised to explore rooting with caution, or seek the help of someone used to doing it if you don't feel confident about following steps to rooting your phone. Many techie Android users enjoy rooting their phone/tablet for the freedom and customisation options that comes with a rooted device. If you would like to explore a different, fuller Android phone experience, but you're reluctant to tweak your phone, proceed only when you have gathered sufficient information. You can check out an online forum for further readings.

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How to Root Your Nexus 4

The rooting process is a bit different for each device. is a site designed for Nexus 4 users, as the name suggests. IB Times has also run a guide to rooting the Nexus 4 here. describes the Nexus Root Toolkit to be "pretty simple to use." The same toolkit can unroot your phone should you determine that you are not, after all, a fan of rooted phone. With a Windows PC, all you have to do is get the program going, and the rest should be self-explanatory.

Manufacturers cancel the warranty when a device is rooted because users will be operating outside the factory-set confines, breaking into restricted settings. If this sounds something you have to try (or start trying), the Nexus 4 should be a good phone to begin with.

Scroll down for a video explaining how to root your Nexus 4. Newbie techie users are advised to take in as much information as they could for an enhanced Android experience.

VIDEO: How to root the Nexus 4 (PockeNowVideo)


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