Nexus 4 as Christmas Gift? 5 Reasons It's Always 'Out of Stock'

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Google Nexus 4 becomes available one moment, then out of stock in a few hours. It must be a common inclusion in this year's Wishlist for Santa. Why do stores keep running out of supply of this smartphone?

There is more to the Nexus 4 than its mid-range price. This LG-manufactured Google smartphone just keeps getting sold out in online stores, making it such an elusive gift item for holiday shoppers.

Here are 5 of the Reasons Nexus 4 is Enjoying High Demand:

1. Google Nexus 4 reviews are mostly positive. This gives the impression that its $349 pricing couldn't get any better for practical shoppers.

2. Google Nexus 4 specs and features easily sparkle against the competition: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 1.5 GHz quad-core Krait, 2 GB RAM, and 8/16GB storage matched to a 4.7 in diagonal IPS screen display at 1280×768 px (320 ppi).

3. Being Google's flagship phone, Nexus 4 is shipped with the latest Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Users will also be first on the rollout of Jelly Bean updates.

4. Google Playstore's sytem seems unable to handle the volume of initial demand for its flagship Android smartphone. There were reports that if a shopper would patiently refresh the page, Nexus 4 would appear on stock again. Whether this is true or not, the fast sell translates to outstanding marketing for curious gadget shoppers.

5. Gadget watchers can't stop talking of the Nexus 4 - how it's always out of stock, how the demand is so high, how it makes for a wise purchase, how it runs with the latest Jelly Bean update. The more people talk about it, the more buyers get the itch to get it.

Nexus 4 Price Hike?

Android Community has just reported Google Nexus 4 is available again at T-Mobile, but costs $399.99. That is $50 above the Google Playstore pricing. Will the price hike affect consumer demand for this much sought-after Android smartphone?

The holiday season is far from over. People are still buying gadgets for personal use or as a gift item. Would you also get a Nexus 4 for Christmas?

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