Nexus 4 Battery Life: 5 Tips to Prevent Rapid Battery Drain


Consumers are always considering battery life when it comes to choosing their desired smart phone like Google Nexus 4. Numerous functions and applications can cause the rapid battery drain of the Nexus 4 but there are solutions to solve such problem.

Listed below are 5 tips on how to prevent the rapid battery drain of Google Nexus 4:

1.       Maintain the Google Nexus 4 brightness display at approximately 25 - 30%. The Nexus 4 display utilizes most of the power given that the screen display is set at 50% brightness. If the screen display is still visible during night time, the brightness can be adjusted more to a lower level so battery life is preserved.

2.       Turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if not in use for these functions easily drain the Nexus 4 battery.

3.       Turn off or just minimize the notifications alarm on the Google Nexus 4 to save battery life. If several notifications reach the Nexus 4, its battery life will rapidly drain.

4.       If location services are not used, turn them off as well for the GPS consumes most of the battery.

5.       Turn off email then have the function set on manual mode. Syncing email consumes bulky data size and the battery will be drained easily when Google Nexus 4 verifies email often. Emails can be checked on an hourly basis and this can also be done on other Nexus 4 applications like "Facebook" and "Twitter."  

During the December 2012 conference call, Google CEO Larry Page affirmed that the Nexus 4 battery life is a big issue. However, the Google CEO stated: "You shouldn't have to worry about constantly having to recharge your phone." In some way, the tips provided can help Google Nexus 4 users to get the most out of their battery throughout the day.

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