Nexus 4 Available Again at Google Play Stores in Germany and United States


Consumers can once again get their hands on the Nexus 4 phone at the Google Play Store but only in the United States and Germany. Hopefully, supply will last this time as the other countries like Australia wait for further announcements on when the Nexus 4 can be purchased.

In a blink of an eye, Nexus 4 was immediately sold out in December 2012 after its launch together with the Nexus 7 and 10 tablets in November. Both LG and Google made efforts to overcome the low supply issues of the device due to its very high demand.

Nexus 4 can be purchased online from the Google Play Store where the 8GB version costs $299 while the 16GB version is worth $349. T-Mobile is the sole United States carrier that offers 16GB Nexus 4 with a two-year contract at the price of $199.

"With that limitation in mind, to get the phone directly from Google, head over to Google Play. Once you order, the phone should ship in one to two weeks," Google advised the consumers who have been patiently waiting for the availability of Nexus 4.

Wilson Rothman of NBC News recently reviewed the Google Nexus 4 phone. He even claimed that Nexus 4 is much improved compared to the rival smart phone Samsung Galaxy SIII.  

"The phone, with a 4.7-inch screen, is a collaboration of Google and LG representing the pinnacle of Android hardware and software. The Nexus 4 runs smooth as butter and has a vibrant screen that is second to none," Rothman said.

In his review, Wilson Rothman still brought up the greatest challenge of LG and Google which is the Nexus 4 supply issues plus the availability of the device with other carriers. "If it represents the finest example of an Android phone, and I feel that it does, then why isn't it available on all carriers and on the fastest 4G networks?" Rothman stated.

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