Nexus 10 2 Release Date Update: Lenovo Now a Viable Candidate to Manufacture Nexus 10 2014 Build?

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The faint hope of a Nexus 10 2 release date this year just got a shot in the arm, thanks to Google's decision to turnover its Motorola Mobility interest to Chinese tech firm Lenovo.

Besides recovering some $3 billion of the original $12 billion plus it invested to acquire Motorola a few years ago, Google is expected to forge deeper partnership with Lenovo, which manufactures personal computers, tablets and smartphones that run both on Windows and Android.

So where does Nexus 10 2 come into the equation? The prospect of the stock Android tablet coming out anytime soon remains dim at the moment as Google is seemingly grappling with its hardware business.

Reports indicate that the Nexus maker is contemplating an exit from device making and focus instead on tablet and mobile phones with deep Android integration. The idea that is being floated is, Google would play hands off during the production process, coming in only to ensure that specific devices wanting to use the native Android platform will come out as envisioned.

Hence the suggestion that in lieu of Nexus devices, Android fans can expect better Google mobile OS rendition via the Google Play Editions of popular flagship smartphones and tablets.

Enter Lenovo, which could be the key in answering the question: Will the Nexus 10 2 still come out right before the beloved brand is sent to retirement?

It could and the likelihood is, this Nexus will truly be Chinese made. According to Reuters, part of the deal between Google and Lenovo is the former will become part-owner of the PC maker by virtue of shares that the latter will surrender as form of payment.

Along that line, tapping Lenovo for its 2014 Nexus 10 project makes sense, in fact serving as sound business decision for Google.

Then the sale also reportedly involves close collaboration between the two parties, starting off with the licensing of Motorola patents that Google will retain and Lenovo will obviously use in perpetuating the Motorola trademark.

It goes without saying that the partnership is not limited to Motorola devices only. For sure Lenovo products will benefit from the deal and why not start by allowing the Chinese firm to assemble and even market the second Nexus 10.

Per CNET, Lenovo has the credentials in making things happen, which the company proved when it bought IBM's ThinkPad brand and keep the line going. From last check, Lenovo PCs - desktops and laptops - are among the bestsellers and are delivering revenues in the midst of an industry that is struggling to survive.

Such badge of honour will surely be a plus for Google's Nexus 10 2. And the benefits further add up if Lenovo's marketing might is factored in. The company is solid mostly on its grip to the lucrative Chinese market.

The same turf will give the refreshed Nexus 10 an assured audience, potentially propping up its economic viability, which was glaringly absent from the previous model. Consider this: China is coveted by Apple and Samsung. Now Google is getting an easy pass, thanks much to its business ties, likely to improve further in the days ahead, with Lenovo.

So Lenovo is a solid bet to snatch the Nexus 10 2 contract, likely making the 10.1-inch tab's release date an imminent reality and wiping off at the same time Google's reservations to make a go for the Android slate's overly delayed second coming.

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