Nexus 10 2 Release Date Imminent? Top 4 Android 4.5 Features to Watch For

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The guessing game continues for the Nexus 10 2 release date but with the recent flurry of specs and feature leaks, Android fans remain optimistic that the full-sized tablet from Google is coming out pretty soon.

How the stock Android slate will look and what power resides beneath the hood are practically given should most of the rumours pan out. It is said that the second Nexus 10, in order to fight it out with Apple's iPad Air, will boast of a quad-core Exynos chip, that is if the device would come from Samsung's assembly line.

Also in line with its impending battle with the industry leading iPad Air, the new Nexus 10 is touted to flash a Retina-melting display panel that stuns in a 2560 x 1600 resolution. The remaining tale of the tape is wholly impressive: 3GB of RAM, 16/32GB of internal storage and a 5MP rear cam sensor.

Plus the likelihood of a sexier body cut - slimmer and lighter that should convince tablet shoppers to take more than a second look.

Then the Android build that the device will reportedly stand on is supposed to be better than KitKat 4.4. Reports suggest that in the Nexus 10 2, Google will unwrap a new candy that will be called Lollipop or Android 4.5.

And in bringing out Lollipop, build number two of the Nexus 10 is expected to wow with the following fresh features:

Improved native camera application

In an Android 4.5 render picked by Android Pit, the Nexus tablet cam is envisioned to fix the issues that users complained about in KitKat's shooting app. The software interface has been reportedly tweaked for easier navigation.

Of course, the biggest change would be empowering Nexus 10 owners to produce and edit quality clips and images regardless of lighting condition and shooting environment.

Softer Settings UI

The new Android 4.5 interface, basing on the concept published by Pixel Pitch, is softer both in functions and appearance. The adjustment is no doubt inspired in large part by the major overhaul Apple has engineered in coming up with the iOS 7, said Android Pit on its report.

Re-authored touch volume rocker

The Nexus on-screen volume controller is also given a fresh look jumping to Android 4.5. The Lollipop touch is oval and transparent and with a specific stroke/tap, users can adjust the master volume, system and others all at once.

Lean but mean calculator

This edit might look negligible but Nexus devices or Google Play Edition smartphones and tablet will soon make use of a redesigned calculator, making the indispensable tool easier to use and a sight to look at.

All these cool features should become real in the next Nexus 10 iteration, that is if the tablet will indeed run on Android 4.5, relying not on chocolate KitKat but on a simpler Lollipop.

While release date of Nexus 10 2 remains a well-guarded Google secret for now, Android fans are looking to MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Spain this February for the grand event to finally take place.

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