Nexus 10 2 Release Date Hope Remains Up as 1st Nexus 10 in 32GB Spotted on eBay for $299?

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While reports are rife that the Nexus 10 2 release date is likely shelved for good by Google in favour of the 8.9-inch Nexus 8, hopes for a refresh of the 10-inch tab were rekindled as the first edition hits eBay for only $299.

The device is in 32GB storage variant and is offered by an eBay seller under the name Manhattan Products, CNET said in a report. The deal is a steal as the same model is tagged at $499 on the Google Play Store, where the vanilla Android slate is currently out of stock that should make the offer more inviting.

Saving $200 from the original price and taking home a very capable device with sufficient digital room inside are reasons enough for Android fans to snap up the Samsung-built tablet, which CNET added is brand new and no refurbished.

And more likely, Nexus 10 stocks that Manhattan Products keeps are limited so buyers need to decide swiftly on the matter. Comparing the price with the competition should convince that this offer is great buy.

The latest iPad Air retails for $499 while the iPad Mini with Retina display panel is up for grabs at $399. Both come out of the box with only 16GB of internal memory so for shoppers hunting for the best value on their cash, the choice is easy.

Or Nexus tablet fans can actually sit out on this deal as precedents dictate that when juicy offers abound for a device, its replacement is just around the corner.

But in the case of the second Nexus 10, Google may just resurrect its plans for the full-sized native Android tab, which remains scarce until now.

Basing, however, on recent reports, the tablet may have already given way for the mid-sized Nexus 8 as Google allegedly rechanneled its focus on the 8.9-inch device that it hopes will perform better against the 9.7-inch iPad Air.

Obviously, better portability is the core consideration of the shit though the Nexus maker is reportedly making sure that the slightly smaller tablet is packed with power and incredible capabilities.

Likely powering the Nexus 8 is a 64-bit eight-core Intel chip codenamed Moorefield, which should tap into at least 4GB of RAM for snappy and smooth mobile computing performance. It is expected too that the GPU will be a PowerVR kind or the same class that fires up the iPhone and iPad.

The device is seen too as the first to show off Android 4.5.

As the Nexus 10 2 replacement, the Nexus 8 release date is pegged for July 2014 or in the immediate weeks after the I/O Developers Conference that Google will stage starting on June 24 in San Francisco, California.

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