Nexus 10 2 is Nexus Pro on Release Date as Google to Upsize & Clash with iPad Pro, Galaxy Note Pro?

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The odds of the Nexus 10 2 release date becoming real soon is very low at the moment even as more players appear to be jockeying for every inch and secure the honour of delivering Google's flagship giant-screen tablet.

To date, the Internet search giant remains silent on the matter, which is expected - not intent to provide a clue on when the slate is really coming out. Or is it ever coming out at all?

Frustrated Android seems to have given on the next Nexus 10 and one solid proof is the runaway sales numbers that the iPad Air has collected since it became commercially available in late 2013. Analysts read it not only as the manifestation of Apple's tablet juggernaut but also of the lack of competition.

Google has hinted in mid-2013 that build number two of the Nexus 10 is on its way to the market real soon but as it turned out, the company's concept of 'soon' is vastly different or open-ended at the very least.

So the wait drags on but good thing a ray of hope was seen in early February - DigiTimes reported that HTC is now part of the increasingly wild Nexus 10 2 speculation. The word from the hub of Asia's supply chain, Taiwan that is, was Google and HTC are talking on a possible high-end Nexus tab.

Is it the third Nexus 7? Unlikely as another report suggests Asus is taking care of the small tablet's next iteration though this time the screen profile is 8-inch. The upcoming device will be labelled as the Nexus 8 and will serve as Google's direct answer to the iPad Mini from Apple.

HTC, therefore, is left to work on a 10.1-inch Nexus but is it really the case? Remember that the DigiTimes reports specifically highlighted a 'high-end device', meaning the HTC One maker is tasked to produce a premium tablet.

Aside being expensive and powerful, high-end connotes of enterprise use - a device that will appeal not only to the general consumers but mostly to those looking for a productive tool. Something that is packed with superlative capabilities but is not too heavy, at the same time, on the pocket.

And that something is more akin to the Nexus device model - powerful components plus reasonable pricing - so when connecting the dots, it is highly likely that HTC and Google aims to provide a business-centric tool in the next full-sized Nexus tablet.

With that in mind, the profile doesn't have to be 10-inch like the first Nexus 10. If the object is to make a slate for the professional crowd, why not call it the Nexus Pro and upsize the screen dimension - probably to a high of 13-inch.

While Google is at it, why not require HTC to put together a Nexus Pro that is hybrid - can be a standalone Android tablet then easily morphs into laptop when sitting on a keyboard companion accessory.

And when the Nexus Pro is a notebook, Chrome OS is the platform of choice. Now this definitely is a high-end tablet or hybrid device for HTC, which by the way is original Nexus smartphone maker - the Nexus One.

Needless to say, this Google tab will be designed to slug it out with tablets that scream of huge viewing windows - the 12-inch plus Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, which are already out, and the rumoured 12.9-inc iPad Pro.

Should this become a reality, expect the Nexus 10 2 (or Nexus Pro) release date countdown to start in the second half of 2014 with Android 4.5 or Lollipop/Key Lime Pie as the star of the show.

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