The Next 'Twilight': 'Vampire Academy' The Movie

  @ibtimesau on February 12 2013 3:03 PM

"Twilight" may be over and done but that doesn't mean that the era of vampires is over. In fact, even more "Twilight"-inspired films have been coming out of which of course are also taken from books. The latest addition to the world of blood suckers set to hit movie theatres soon is "Vampire Academy." Read on to find out more about this next "Twilight"-inspired film.  

Stephanie Meyer struck gold with the film adaptation of her "Twilight" series. With Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson having already wed in the books and creating an eternal bloodline of their own, another film adaptation is set to rule the cinemas. Fans of "Vampire Academy" will be glad to hear that the books are finally set for a film release by next year.

For those who still haven't heard of the books, the synopsis is as follows:

"In BLOOD SISTERS Rose Hathaway develops a mental and spiritual bond with her BVFF (best vampire friend forever) Princess Lissa. The two girls attend a strict school for vampires designed to retain their humanity where it is Rose's task to protect the Princess. Among the everyday issues faced by teenage vampires Rose falls for Dimitri, their dreamy guardian, and together the three battle the mysterious forces of the evil Moroi who are set on destroying the Princess's bloodline."

A total of six books are in the series, four of which are on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

The rights of the film adaptation has already been secured by Weinstein Company and is set to be directed by Mark Waters, known for "Mean Girls" and "Spiderwick Chronicles", while Daniel Waters, known for "Batman Returns" and "Heathers", is the designated film writer. "Vampire Academy" stars Zoey Dutch and Lucy Fry.

"I am thrilled to be working on the first feature for VAMPIRE ACADEMY. This series is fantastic and I am excited to bring it to the screen for diehard fans and introduce the stories to a whole new audience," said Harvey Weinsten, TWC Co-Chairman.

Producers on board include Don Murphy and Susan Montford known for "Real Steel" and "Transforners." Executive Producers on the other hand include Deepak Nayar known for "Walking with Dinosaurs" and "Bend in Like Beckham", and Michael Preger known for "Day of the Triffids."

The film is set for a release by February 14, 2014 which is quite a long wait for fans of the book. Still, with vampires on the film it is worth the wait.

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