Next HTC Flagship Phone HTC One Sequel 'Best Will Get Better' Shall Be Disclosed On March 25

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Looks like the wait for HTC One sequel is coming to an end as HTC, a Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, shall announce the device on March 25.

Much data about the company's next flagship device shall be known at the events that will be held at the same time in London and New York.

HTC apparently avoids the madhouse in this month's Mobile World Congress in favor to its dedication to the successor of HTC One. Many companies use MWC as a venue for huge announcements and the Taiwanese giant phonemaker is playing it smart. The invitation does not disclose the name of HTC's phone nor has any detail of it, so the public needs to wait for the release date to find out more.

Better Than the Best

Speculations about the "best will get better" phone abound. Rumors spread that the screen size may come out 5 inches more while the screen resolution remains the same. Powering the unit is a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. The lens of a mythical camera on the device' rear is also leaked. There are suggestions that it will feature an UltraPixel and  improvements in focus settings to give more quality to the handset.

What Would the Name Be?

The name of the sequel of HTC One as "One" can present a problem. Using the codename M8 can work, but it is not likely to make it to the finished product, where it should find a connection to the old One, like adding Two or the '2' figure as HTC One Two or HTC One 2. For that, no one outside HTC knows.

Potential features suggested it shall be called HTC One+, which ties to the sequels of the old. For instance, One X was tailed by One X+ in 2012. Buut adding the "plus" sounds more like a refresh than a sequel. On another note, HTC opts to disguise number two, which does not seem attractive or some superscript, which seems to work visually. Still, we can call it One-Two until the time when its name will also be revealed.

Meanwhile, we can check the rumors for the successor of HTC One and see more details of it in the March announcement. There is one thing that its maker promises for its flagship phone, it shall be the "best will get better."

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