The Next ‘Flappy Bird’: Epic Games’ Clone and ‘Make It Rain: The Love of Money’

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"Flappy Bird" diehards have most probably already marked their calendars for August, when the alleged game from creator Dong Nguyen will apparently make its comeback as a multiplayer title.

For those who felt that inevitable thumb twitch and the sudden rush of an addiction long repressed or those seeking to find another game to get hooked on, Epic Games may just have a game they can survive on for the two more months of waiting.

While clones of "Flappy Bird" still exist a dime a dozen on the iOS and Android app stores, Epic Games has created a title that has an edge over the others—the title was built using the Unreal Engine 4.

The technology, which is Epic Games' very own creation, will be powering "Tappy Chicken," a game that Polygon reports to have been created by a game artist who has "no traditional programming skills." As opposed to just being a clone of "Flappy Bird," Epic Game's own take of the addictive title is more to showcase the flexibility of the Unreal Engine 4 and to promote it to other creators who may want to create their own games.

Over at the Google Play Store, the developer has shared a number of features other developers' own game can actually enjoy, as manifested in "Tappy Chicken." These include:

  • Pretty 2-D-style visuals with procedural level generation
  • Easy to understand, yet hard to master gameplay
  • Small, over the air download
  • Google Play leaderboards, achievements and AdMob support
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Built entirely with Blueprint visual scripting
  • Low system requirements
  • Easy to modify and extend
  • Code and content available through
  • Also available for other mobile platforms and HTML5.

Epic Games, responsible for titles like "Infinity Blade" and "Gears of War," also promotes that making a game with the Unreal Engine 4 is as easy as a $19 subscription. Check out "Tappy Chicken" over at the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

'Make It Rain: The Love of Money': Simple, Addictive, Brilliant

Another game that makes use of what "Flappy Bird" started—simple mechanics and a competitive playing field—is now reportedly raking in the same profits as Nguyen's creation.

Titled "Make It Rain: The Love of Money," all players need to do is swipe the dollar bills on the screen to earn money and use it to buy investments and gain financial power.

The gameplay does seem ridiculously simple, but just as the tapping did earn the profits for "Flappy Bird," Business Insider reports the same simple concept is doing it in for "Make It Rain: The Love of Money."

According to the source, the game is earning $50,000 a day from in-app purchases and ads for Space Inch and developer Joshua Segall. And that's a pretty large profit, considering the game only required $11,000 in total—$10,000 for the actual development and $1,000 for marketing.

Check out "Make It Rain: The Love of Money" on iTunes or over at Google Play Store.

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