Newlyweds Return Home To Find Friends Had Covered Their Entire Ground Floor With 14,000 POST-IT NOTES

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In what could be termed as one of the funniest honey moon pranks ever the friends of the newlyweds Jamie and Emily Pharro covered the entire ground floor of their home with 14,000 POST-IT NOTES. Click this image to see it.

The couple hailing from Holbeach, England who got married on August 1 flew to Lake Garda, Italy, for their honeymoon. They had left a set of keys with their friends who were supposed to feed their cats.

When they returned home after their week-long honeymoon, they were surprised to see their house had been completely covered in over 14,000 post-it notes. It was not all. They also kept a hidden camera in the living room to capture the surprise of the newlyweds when they step in.

Their friends have had a habit of springing up surprises and when one of their other friends got married last year, this friendly bunch had filled the couple's house with 3,000 balloons. So Emily was expecting that their friends will play a prank on them too, but they probably might not have thought about something as painstakingly slow as sticking post it notes all over!

The prankster friends of the couple put in a lot of effort in pasting the notes in every nook and corner of their house including the living room, kitchen and bathrooms. The post it notes bearing the message 'so sorry' were even stuck on gadgets like washing machine and television.

The couple told "Our living room has got glass panels in the door, so we could see as soon as we got inside what they'd done and then we saw the camera. The notes were all over the living room walls and everything. I think that in a few weeks we'll still be finding the odd one about!" In this hilarious video you too can watch the perplexed emotions of the couple who had no clue about this prank when they got in to their home.

The couple is relieved that there was no damage as it was all about a bit of harmless fun, but they seriously doubt whether any of their other friends will want to get married now!

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