Newcastle Knights Fullback Darius Boyd Checks into Mental Health Clinic

By @EntengBulagting on

Fighting a bout of depression, Darius Boyd has been admitted to a mental health facility in order to cure his serious case of depression and mental fatigue. His Knights coach Wayne Bennett has confirmed the admittance of his star fullback into a Sydney location which makes puts cloud into his ability to suit again for the squad this season.

Yahoo! Sports reports that news of Boyd checking into the facility comes as he is being probed for $1500 worth of damage a hotel room in Hunter Valley is claiming wherein the player stayed last Thursday. The said damages were confirmed by hotel staff who found a broken television set, smashed glass and a visible hole in the walls of the room he and a female companion presumably his wife, stayed in. The fullback has reportedly already settled the financial damages with the establishment and apologized to its management by placing a personal call.

The team has confirmed that Boyd has voluntarily submitted himself into the program and is recognizing his condition.

"I'm pleased for Darius that he's recognised that he's obviously got a problem, it's a self-admission one and he's come to this conclusion himself, and he booked himself into rehab in Sydney this morning," Bennett told the media after Knights training on Wednesday.

There is no schedule released for the comeback of Boyd into football but the team remains positive that he will hurdle the latest challenge. His coach also revealed that Boyd has been already consulting with therapists for a period of time now and that the findings of the experts were that his player was having struggles with depression. Bennett also expressed support for his ward and stressed that football is secondary at this point, which he fully supports.

In the meantime, 18-year-old rookie Sione Mata'utia will be filling the void of Boyd and will make his debut at the NRL against Sydney Roosters at Hunter Stadium on Friday night.

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