Newcastle Knights Dedicated the Season to Alex McKinnon

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Captain Kurt Gidley of Newcastle Knights have dedicated the remaining NRL season to the team-mate Alex McKinnon, who is currently under recovery from spinal surgery.

"I'd like to think we play the rest of the year for him." Gidley added.

"He's a champion young fellow, Alex. He's well liked throughout the team, and he loves his footy in general - he lives and breathes his footy."

"I know it will certainly be a tough time for him going forward with his rehab but he's got the full support of all of us as players, and I'm sure everyone from Newcastle .... I think we've seen that this week. The club's got plenty of emails, letters, phone calls, text messages. Even myself, I've had people who don't even know Alex text me and wish him all the best, so all our thoughts and prayers are with him."

Willie Mason, senior Knights forward, stated he could not recall any tough week so far in his long career.

"It's out of the ordinary for me, and I think everybody playing NRL these days ... There's shock throughout the NRL fraternity and it's something where there's no manuscript to say this is how you deal with it, this how you've got to feel and this is how you've got to act, so it's uncommon ground for all of us,'' Mason said.

Paul Conlon, judiciary chairman of NRL, allowed prop Jordan McLean of Melbourne to play for the Storm against Bulldogs at NIB stadium in Perth on Saturday.

However, McLean has to face the judiciary committee on Wednesday to clarify the throw charge that arose from his involvement in the tackle on McKinon.

Conlon further added that there is no other option but to stand down McLean till establishment of the charge.

"In my view, both the NRL and the Melbourne club should be commended for this sensible and sensitive approach to the tragic situation with which they have been confronted." Conlon said.

He opined that "exceptional circumstances" was prevalent in this case because of the deferment of hearing and allowed Jordan to play in the upcoming match on Saturday. 

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