Newcastle Jets Looking Forward to Secure A-League Final Position

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Newcastle Jets is all in aggressive mood to secure a win against the upcoming match against Melbourne Victory, on Saturday.

Jets' defender stated they are considering this match as A-league final.

"There's no turning back now we have to win...Everybody has to make sure we do everything in our power to make it go your way...This is a final tomorrow. We could have make it a lot easier on ourselves if we were in control, but we're not...The only thing we can do is get the three points and just wait and see what the other results are," Jaliens said.

Recounting the loss against Perth Glory by 2-1 on March 30, the Jets had fallen at the back of Sydney. The two upcoming matches against Melbourne and Sydney will be a decisive one to secure back the points.

Jaliens looked quite optimistic about the match as he said there is every possibility to secure a win.

"The big games are always easier...I think because there is less pressure. We're not on top now and people will expect Victory to dominate and this suits us...The big games we've played this season have went our way and there's a reason for this - the big teams don't like playing against us because they know what we'll bring to the table," he added.

Jets coach Clayton Zane confirmed there will be no changes in the team, except the injured Zennon Caravella, who is replaced by Ben Kantarovski.

Jaliens further added they will leave no stone unturned to tame the opponent, playing their best attacking game.

"They only have one type of game and if it's not working for them they have a problem...So if we can get them off their game ... we can punish them," Jaliens added.

It looked like Newcastle Jets are desperate to regain the position securing three points from the upcoming match 

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