New Zealand's Road Safety Ad Goes Viral with Grim Warning to High-Speed Drivers (VIDEO)

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(Source: YouTube/NZTA)

The latest road safety ad by the New Zealand Transport Agency has a grim message for drivers who love speeding. The road is not the right place to learn from mistakes. The video of the ad campaign has gone viral on the Internet which is exactly what the agency may have been hoping for.

The road safety ad aims to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from road accidents. National media manager of the transport agency, Andrew Knackstedt, explained that the ad targets regular drivers who drive "comfortably" fast and usually going beyond the speed limit than the rest of traffic.

The hard-hitting road safety ad bears the title "Mistakes" and features two drivers both making mistakes while driving. The ad explains that when people drive, they share the road with others. The speed drivers choose should consider the possibility of errors along the way.

New Zealand's Transport Agency seems to have gotten their point across as hundreds of people left comments and expressed their support for the powerful campaign. Others who have watched the video felt scared because it could happen to them in real life if they're not careful.

According to Mr Knackstedt, 20 per cent of fatal and serious injuries from vehicular accidents in New Zealand are caused by speed. Some drivers might feel they are in control, but in reality, they are already going over the speed limit.

Mr Knackstedt recalled past messages from previous road safety ads which spreads the message of the faster people drive, the bigger the mess. He believes the message remains true today. The recent viral ad is a reminder of how high speed driving can prevent a person from reacting to a mistake and recover.

The thought-provoking ad is expected to run for two years. Since the ad's launch, it gained popularity through "shares" in social media sites.

Cyclist dead after truck collision

One example of a fatal accident on the road is a collision between a truck driver and an unsuspecting cyclist. A cyclist in Auckland went flying into the air as he hit a truck in one of the city's busiest intersections. Simione Maamaloa was on his way to the beach when he saw the cyclist thrown from his bike before going under the truck. The truck driver was not aware of what happened until other motorists honked for him to stop.

Police are currently investigating the reason for the collision but revealed to local media that the truck had a green light at the intersection. Mr Maamaloa and other members of his family tried to help the cyclist but saw there was little they could do to save the man from dying.

The cyclist is believed to be in his late 20s or early 30s. Witnesses at the scene described the victim as badly hurt, but he was still breathing and mumbling. Mr Maamoala said the cyclist died "right in front of my eyes."

The New Zealand Transport Agency and the Auckland Council are investigating road safety improvements between the port and Grafton Gully, including a discussion of plans to protect pedestrians and road users like cyclists who are prone to accidents especially in open roads.

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