New Zealand's National Party, PM John Key Leading in Polls; Labour Shrugs Off Results

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New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key Smiles After the General Election in Auckland.
IN PHOTO: New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key smiles after the general election in Auckland November 26, 2011. Reuters/Stringer

Public support for New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and the National part has increased in the recent polls. In a survey conducted by One News-Colnar Brunton, 48 per cent backed Mr Key while 52 per cent said they supported the National party.

According to the polls, only 8 per cent prefer Labour Party leader David Cunliffe as the next prime minister while 28 per cent expressed their support for Labour.

About 10 per cent of respondents said they were supporting the New Zealand Greens. Both Labour and Greens continue to trail National even in the earlier polls. The latest poll revealed 4 per cent of respondents supported New Zealand First while other minor parties barely reached 2 per cent.

Meanwhile, Cunliffe dismissed the results of the latest polls and said he could still win the election on September 20. In a statement, he said Labour "could still win" and would be doing its best to get supporters to vote for the party.

According to reports, the prime minister had downplayed National's lead in the polls and said he has no plans of being complacent. Mr Key told TV One in an interview that the poll results were "good" for National. The prime minister believes National has a long way to go between now and the election date.

Labour has been hit with the negative comments about Cunliffe's ski holiday despite his apology. He was forced to admit that he could have done better if he knew the party was behind in the polls.

Mr Key himself went on a holiday in Hawaii and is now dealing with issues involving MP Claudette Hauiti for misspending and Transport Minster Gerry Brownlee's airport security breach. Reports said National's reputation has not been affected by controversy as proven by the party's 2-point increase in the recent poll. National is expected to reveal its electorate deals with support parties.

Mr Key announced that National can work with the ACT, United Future, New Zealand First, Maori Party and the Conservative parties. 

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