New Zealand's 'Angry Ram' Attacks Unmanned Quadcopter [WATCH VIDEO]

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A New Zealand ram attacked a drone and its owner for being too close to the animal. Reports said a Youtube user "Buddhanzi" uploaded a video of the "angry ram" going after the drone. The footage showed a dark-coloured ram charging the video camera like a bull as it flew around the wooly animal.

After a few shoves at the drone, the ram backed up a few steps. With a headbutt, the ram stopped the drone. Another scene was shown after a brief cut of the footage. The drone pilot can be seen picking up his fallen drone. The ram may have seen the opportunity to charge the owner as well.

The Youtube user wrote in the video description that he was looking for the ram with his FPV quadcopter. He said he went too close to the ram and just as it charged, he had managed to knock the animal into a bush without harming it. When the drone pilot retrieved his quadcopter, the ram had "followed" him and attacked again.

Another Youtube user who has seen the video suggested the drone may have annoyed the ram for being too close.

In 2013, the same "angry ram" in New Zealand became viral for attacking a motorcycle rider. According to reports, a video of a motorbiker in New Zealand and an angry ram has gone viral in August 2013. The footage showed a man who fell from his motorcycle after a bad-tempered ram charged into him. The animal had decided it did not want him to pass the dirt road.

The off-road biker was driving along a countryside trail in New Zealand when he turned a corner and found a ram blocking the road. Unlike any other animal that would have scampered away at the sound of an oncoming vehicle, the ram apparently stood its ground and refused to budge.

To the Kiwi biker's surprise, the ram charged the front wheel of his motorcycle. The rider's motorcycle fell and crashed to the ground from the impact. After spending some time fending off the ram, the rider went back to his motorcycle and used the tree branch like a medieval knight with a lance to push the ram backwards. He was able to get around the ram before finally speeding away.

Watch the video below:

Source: Youtube/Buddhanz1

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