New Zealander Kim Allan Breaks World Record for Running Without Sleep for 500KM

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Ultra-distance runner from New Zealand, Kim Allan, breaks a world record for running without sleep and passing the previous recorded distance of 500 kilometres. The previous women's record was at 486 km. Ms Allan surpassed that distance just two hours later.

The 47-year-old Kiwi runner began her quest on Dec. 19. She had slowed down in the last remaining laps. Michael Rodcliffe, a supporter of Ms Allan, said they didn't celebrate when she passed the 486 km record since they had initially planned to celebrate when she passed the 500 km mark.

Kim Allan passed the 500 km mark after 86 hours, 11 minutes and 9 seconds without sleeping, according to event co-manager Mark Stone. Ms Allan said she was overwhelmed by the achievement and could not believe her quest was over.

Ms Allan dedicated her victory to her family and the New Zealand Spinal Trust. She thanked her support team for being with her every step of the way.

The family of Ms Allan brought her straight home to catch up on sleep. Ms Allan ran to support her designated charity and help raise money. Mr Gray, who was with Ms Allan along with the support team, said she went on a run in 2012 but only finished 375 kilometres. Her determination to come back this year has finally paid off.

New Zealand Spinal Trust representative Carolynn Day was there to hold one end of the finishing tape. She congratulated Ms Allan after her run.

Ms Allan's friend, Claire Donachie, who was the inspiration for the charity event, was thrown off a horse in 2012 and is now using a wheelchair. Ms Donachie was glad her friend was able to finish what she started. She joined Ms Allan along the way last Dec. 21.

The successful event has led to organisers to consider creating an annual event called "Sleepless in Auckland Challenge" with the prize named after Kim Allan. 

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