New Zealand Unaware of Abbott's 'Alliance' in Email Mistakenly Sent to Media

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An email from the office of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was accidentally sent to a Newstalk ZB reporter which revealed details not to be shared yet in public. The contents of Mr Key's personal notes include a killing and a secret meeting of United Nations ambassadors to Queenstown.

The secret meeting is reported to be part of the country's bid for a seat in the UN Security Council. The email also contained Mr Key's "talking points" to be given to media on several issues. It was erroneously sent by one of Mr Key's press secretaries before a scheduled media conference. The personal notes were addressed to chief of staff Wayne Eagleson and Foreign Affairs adviser Ben King.

According to Newstalk, Mr Key's private email contained a briefing by the Auckland police about the suspects in a Henderson homicide case. The note said police were to reveal in a later press conference that the two suspects in their custody are teens aged 12 and 13.

Mr Key was provided with cues on what to say to media, including condolences and words of comfort. The email also contained information about TV3's filming of 11 UN diplomats and staff who were given a free trip to Queenstown from New York. Reports said this may be a controversial issue since the government has vowed it will "not throw money" to win a seat in a UN security council.

In what appears to be an attempt to downplay the significance of the Queenstown visit, Mr Key said the meeting was about focusing on sustainable agriculture. According to TV3, the UN diplomats and their staff were taken sightseeing, shopping and seen on Shotover Jet ride.

Mr Key had told media that the cost of New Zealand's bid was lower than the amount spent by Australia and other countries.

The email suggested New Zealand was not aware of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's to seek an alliance of centre-right governments which reportedly includes the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India. The alleged alliance will attempt to stand against U.S. President Barack Obama's plan to push for tighter climate change policies.

Mr Key was advised to say on the matter that he has not talked to Mr Abbott about it. He was also instructed on his notes to highlight New Zealand's climate change policies. He was asked to say that the government takes the issue of climate change seriously. 

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