New Zealand Student Captures Images of UFOs Over Otago Harbour

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A New Zealand student has captured two mysterious objects "floating" in the sky at night above Otago Harbour. Terence Huang, 25, believes the floating objects may be UFOs or aliens.

Huang took the images on the night of June 23 in Dunedin but he only noticed the two floating objects when he transferred the photos from his camera to his laptop on June 24. He said he was with a friend when he took the pictures but he didn't look closely while the pictures were being taken.

Huang said he had a "brief look" but didn't get the chance to examine them carefully because it was getting cold and they had to get home. According to Otago Daily Times, Huang revealed he had always believed in UFOs and the photos he strengthened his belief. He said he wants to go back to the same location to check on his theory and see if he can spot more UFOs.

According to Australian Skeptics UFO spokesman Steve Roberts, the photos containing "UFO-like objects" were usually caused by a "lens flare" coming from a light source. Roberts told the Daily Mail that using digital cameras can result in various effects. He said it the flares can be the result of the light from the sun bouncing around in the lens.

Roberts said the lens flares are visible at night especially if caused by a nearby street light or any sharp and bright source of light. He explained the "orbs" will not be visible to the naked eye but can only be seen in photos.

New Zealand Skeptics spokesperson Vicki Hyde said some people no longer bother with UFOs since it is now easy to "fake something." Looking at Huang's photos, she said they were more likely a reflection from the light.

Stories of UFO sightings have always interested believers. While some are sceptics, others believe they are real. Back in April, a 16-year old student was shocked to see a mysterious black ring in the sky over Learnington Spa. Georgina Heap saw the black ring believed to be from a UFO when she was playing tennis with her mum.

She said she saw the giant black ring in the sky for about three minutes before disappearing from her sight. In an interview with the Daily Star, the teenager said it was the "weirdest" thing she has ever seen. She saw the ring float like a cloud and was sure what she saw was not a bird.

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