Is New Zealand PM John Key a Reptilian? (VIDEOS)

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That question actually remains unanswered, not because New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was offended by the query if he is a reptilian alien who could change shapes, but because no evidence could be found to disprove the theory.

On Feb 11, Tuesday, Wayne Eagelson, chief of staff of the PM, responded to the question filed by writer Shane Warbrooke via an Official Information Act request. He said he could not reply to the request since there is no data to disprove Mr Warbrooke's request filed on Jan 30 to seek evidence that would disprove his theory that the country's PM is "A David Icke-style shape-shifting reptilian alien ushering humanity towards enslavement."


David Icke is a broadcaster and former British footballer who became notorious because he claimed being the Son of the Godhead and then promoted conspiracy theories through books he authored. The theme of these books is that many global leaders are part of a plot to enslave the human race to be driven by the reptilian Anunnaki race from the Draco Constellation.


Actually, Mr Warbrooke was bored while doing research for a documentary and to break his boredom, he filed the OIA request without expecting it would be answered.

He said he didn't waste government time with his request because it was answered in a swift manner. "It's a firm letter and then obviously they are not really going to look for anything so it's two seconds for them to go 'no, go away,'" Mr Warbrooke said.

He admitted the request appears to be silly, but he also acknowledged disagreeing with the policies of the PM and added that many New Zealanders share the same sentiment about Mr Key who plans to run for a third term in the next federal election.

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Actually, Mr Warbrooke has filed more OIA requests addressed to the New Zealand Defence Force, Civil Aviation Society and New Zealand Antarctic Institute, seeking data on extraterrestrial life and unidentified flying object.

He has not indicated if the requests have been replied to.

While Mr Key is not a reptilian, in the eyes of Kim Dotcom, the PM is a puppet.

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