New Zealand Labour's David Cunliffe Verbally Abused, Given the Finger in Press Conference

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A press conference with New Zealand Labour party leader David Cunliffe had to be terminated abruptly because a man drove up alongside Mr Cunliffe and began shouting abuse. The Labour leader was trying to answer questions from reporters outside his electorate office in New Lynn when the stranger began cursing the Labour leader.

While in his car, the man shouted, "f*** you! F*** Labour, F**** unemployment!" He then gave Mr Cunliffe the finger. Due to the man's sudden tirade, Mr Cunliffe's staff was forced to end the press conference immediately.

However, the man was apparently not done with his insults and abuse. He continued, F***ing National's no better. You may as well have a coalition of the *****wits."  He then prepared to drive away with the man still shouting "unemployment isn't working," and then he eventually drove away.

Labour Party said it was not surprised when it dropped under 30 per cent in the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey. On March 18, Labour dropped to 29.5 per cent, while Prime Minister John Key's National Party rose to 50.8 per cent. The Greens jumped from 2.3 per cent to 13.1 per cent.

Support for Labour and Greens when combined will total 42.6 per cent. The Labour party, led by David Cunliffe, has slumped below the 30 per cent mark for the first time since Mr Cunliffe assumed leadership. His election six months ago was meant to increase New Zealanders' support for the party. However, based on poll results, the move may have backfired.

According to the poll,  Mr Cunliffe's popularity has dropped six points to 11.1 per cent which is lower than David Shearer's 12.4 per cent, the party's former leader. In a previous poll, Mr Key has emerged the most liked and trusted politician in a recent poll. According to a Fairfax Media-Ipsos survey, 59.3 per cent of Kiwis say they like Mr Key, while 58.7 per cent say they trusted him.

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