New Zealand Investigates Angelcare Baby Monitor Recall after 2 Infant Deaths due to Strangulation in U.S.

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A popular brand of baby monitors in New Zealand was recalled due to the deaths of two babies in the United States. Two infants have died of strangulation after getting the wires of the baby monitors entangled around their necks.

Angelcare baby monitors are now being investigated by the New Zealand Health Ministry. The popular baby monitors are used to help parents measure the baby's movements. A sensor pad is placed under the crib mattress before connecting it to the monitor using a cord.

Child's Play, the distributor of Angelcare baby monitors in New Zealand, has offered a free cover for the cords to parents concerned about the risk of strangulation. The product recall is limited to the United States only.

Child's Play owner Dave Austin says customers in New Zealand are using their "common sense" in installing the monitor and following safety advice.

New Zealand authorities are investigating the safety of baby monitors after 600,000 Angelcare baby monitors were recalled in the United States and Canada.

The two babies died from strangulation after they pulled the cords loose and accidentally entangled the cord around their necks. The infant deaths happened in 2004 and 2011. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Trading Standards unit said the tragic loss of infant lives is the result of an improper installation of baby monitors.

The ministry's Britton Broun said while a hazard exists due to the cord, parents can reduce the risk with careful installation. The Trading Standards unit has confirmed it will speak with Child's Play, the distributor of baby monitor in New Zealand, about safety issues and the appropriate action to be taken.

Authorities are also investigating other brands of baby monitors that could potentially have the same issues and parts accessible to babies before determining the need for a product recall in New Zealand.  The ministry advises Kiwi parents who have baby monitors at home to read the instructions carefully and ensure babies can't reach or play with the cord.

The Canada-based Angelcare has issued a voluntary product recall and announced concerned parents will be given repair kits with sturdy cord covers.

The Angelcare baby monitors are popular in the United States and sold in major retailers like Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Walmart, Sears, Target and The recalled baby monitor models include AC1100, AC201, AC300, AC401, AC301, AC601 and 49255.

The ministry said if Angelcare will issue a product recall in New Zealand, it will be done voluntarily through the importer. 

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