New Zealand Child Brooklyn Beazley Saves Pregnant Mum from Diabetic Coma

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A seven-year-old girl in New Zealand acted quickly to save her pregnant mum's life. Brooklyn Beazley saw her mother collapsing and slipping into a diabetic coma. The girl was struggling to open a bottle of glucose syrup because she knew her mum needs sugar.

The young girl didn't panic and knew how to dial the emergency hotline 111. She listened to the operator carefully and followed her instructions.  She told paramedics that her "mummy needs sugar."

Her 25-year-old mum, Sandee Mason, has Type 1 diabetes. She fell into a diabetic coma in their home in Manurewa. Ms Mason told the Herald that she had just come home from an ultrasound on her 15-week pregnancy. She began to feel weak. Joe Beazley, her partner, was at work.

Ms Mason had just put her one-year-old son down for a nap when she thought she could also rest for a while. She said she felt drained and lay on the couch. Her daughter noticed her mum shaking. Ms Mason assumed she was having a seizure. The little girl tried to open the bottle of sugar but she couldn't open it.

Her daughter had called an ambulance but by then she was already unconscious. In the interview, Brooklyn said she knew about numbers and how phones work in school. She knows how to call 111 from watching television.

While talking to the operator, the girl was asked to shake her mum to rouse her but it didn't work. She told the operator her mum was breathing too fast in response to a question.  The girl said she was not afraid during that time because she loves her family.

Brooklyn said she has a little brother and her mummy will soon have another baby.  She admitted she was "just worried" but she didn't cry. Her mother was proud to say the girl opened the door right away for the paramedics.

Ms Mason said she is very proud of her daughter and grateful she acted so quickly.

St John Counties-Manukau manager Steve Walker said the girl practically saved the lives of her mother and unborn sibling. Mr Walker said the pregnant mum was at risk for having no sugar in the body and it could have led to brain damage and possibly death.

Mr Walker commended the girl for having the courage and ability to answer questions under pressure. The girl was able to tell the operator that her mum has diabetes and gave their family's home address.  The paramedics took her mum to the hospital where she was able to recuperate.

Mr Walker encourages parents to teach their children how to call emergency services in case of any accidents or medical emergency at home.

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