New York Times' Hollywood Heroines of 2012: From Jennifer Lawrence to Anne Hathaway [PHOTOS]

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The films of 2012 have starred quite a lot of lovely and kick-ass women. With that knowledge, New York Times had released their Hollywood hit list of film heroines. Check out the list here which has got "Hunger Games" hottie, Jennifer Lawrence and sultry cat woman, Anne Hathaway.  

Gone are the days when testosterone-infused men rocked the cinemas. Nowadays, it's all about women empowerment and girls gone rad. From awesome weapons to body-hugging suits, New York Times has rounded up the best and hottest film heroines of 2012. Starting off with the latest addition to Hollywood's "It" girls, "Hunger Games" star, Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence may have hit it big all thanks to the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins best-selling post-apocalyptic novels, "The Hunger Games." However, Lawrence already portrayed her hot and kick-ass moves for her Oscar nominated role as Ree in "Winter's Bone." Now, wielding a bow and arrow, Lawrence has reprised her role in the highly-anticipated sequel to the "Hunger Games", "Catching Fire."

Next Hollywood Heroine is Anne Hathaway. Ditching the frills of princess clothing, Anne burst into the "Dark Knight" film franchise with her sexy and sleek cat suit. Hathaway also showed off her incredible acting skills and commitment to acting with her latest move of shaving off her hair for the role in "Les Miserables."

Living in tinsel town where stick-thin models are at every turn, actress Rebel Wilson surely made a statement. Despite the "fat" jokes, Wilson made one hell of a statement in the film "Pitch Perfect" showing of her courage.

Watts might have starred in hair-raising films enough to prove she's bad-ass but nothing compares to her acting skills in the film, "The Impossible." Based on true events, Naomi's acting in the film makes the audience feel the strength and courage of a mother separated from her family in the midst of a calamity.

Also on the list is "The Master's" Amy Adams, "Scandal's" Kerry Washington, "Anna Karenina's" Keira Knightley, "Ginger and Rosa's" Elle Fanning, and "Rust and Bone's" Marion Cotillard. Ironically for "Twilight" fans, Kristen Stewart did not even make it to the list despite the "gruesome" changes she had to undergo.

Hopefully, Stewart and a few other Hollywood celebrities make it to New York Times Hollywood Film Heroines of 2013.

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