New Words Added To Online Oxford Dictionaries Including Time-Poor, Listicle and Live-Tweet

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New Words Added To Online Oxford Dictionaries Including Time-Poor, Listicle and Live-Tweet
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Oxford Dictionaries has added new words to its online version including time-poor, listicle and live-tweet. Other unique terms have been added to it such as popular Internet slang binge-watch and "YOLO," which is also known as You Only Live Once. Read on to learn more about it.

According to Oxford Dictionaries' blog, the aforementioned words are part of the website's August 2014 update. Below is a list of the other new words included in the online version of Oxford Dictionaries.

1.       acquihire

2.       amazeballs

3.       anti-vax 

4.       air punch

5.       baller    

6.       bare

7.       bedroom tax

8.       brick

9.       bro hug

10.   catfish

11.   clickbait

12.   cord cutter

13.   cotch

14.   cray       

15.   doncha

16.   dox

17.   douchebaggery               

18.   e-cig

19.   FML

20.   fratty    

21.   hench

22.   hexacopter        

23.   hot diggity          

24.   hot mess            

25.   hot mic                

26.   humblebrag      

27.   hyperconnected             

28.   ICYMI   

29.   in silico

30.   mansplain                          

31.   nailed on

32.   neckbeard         

33.   olinguito                             

34.   pharmacovigilance

35.   pogonophobia

36.   side boob

37.   side-eye

38.   SMH

39.   spit take

40.   subtweet

41.   trackback

42.   trigger warning

43.   vape

44.   vax

45.   WDYT

46.   zonkey

Click HERE to read the definition of the words listed above. Oxford Dictionaries said that the Oxford University Press uses language research programmes such as the Oxford Reading Programme and the Oxford English Corpus to track and get new words for its dictionaries. These words are sourced from the Web including popular fiction, song lyrics or scientific journals. If certain words are found to be used by a lot of people, it will be considered as a candidate to be added in the Oxford Dictionaries. Then, it will be judged whether or not it is important enough to be in the latest update and not just a fad.

Some of the new words added in the Oxford Dictionaries' online version have interesting stories behind it. According to another blog entry posted on its official website, the word "vape" came from the smokeless nicotine vapor that comes out of electronic cigarettes, or "e-cigarettes."  On the other hand, the word "cotch," which means to "hang out" or "relax" came from the word "scotch" (to wedge someone or something somewhere). It was believed to be from Jamaican English which tended to drop the letter "s" at the start of its words.

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