New VAIO Laptops Launched

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VAIO branded laptops are back again, which is significant since this marks the return of the famous laptop brands after Sony sold off its personal computing business to Japan Industrial Partners. There are three on offer, with screen sizes ranging from 11, 13 and 15 inches, VAIO Pro 11, VAIO Pro 13, and VAIO Fit 15E respectively. However, as is reported in Slashgear, nothing much has changed with the way the laptop looks which still bears a lot of resemblance with its predecessor. Even the laptops are listed at the Sony online store.

With these, what is amply clear is that the new VAIOs are still counting on Sony to make the first move sans it. This applies to the branding as well as all three are the same models that Sony had launched earlier last year. Even the display continues to be the familiar Triluminos panels which isn't a bad thing considering the life-like images these render. Almost all the current crop of Sony tablet and smartphone feature the same display. What is missing though is the Sony branding which has been replaced by VAIO.

Another interesting fact that has emerged is that the new owners have made it a point to remain a bit low profile in the world stage and would rather keep themselves limited to the domestic market. Towards that, the VAIO site has been done up in Japanese and will not be sold outside of Japan even though the products have been listed at the official Sony site as well. Right now, the company is functioning with 240 employees who are eager to hold on the VAIO legacy. This might seem disappointing to the numerous VAIO fans worldwide though unfortunately that's how things stand right now. There is no world either as to when they wish to venture outside of Japan.

Coming to the costs, the range starts with the VAIO Fit 15E that is priced ¥100,000 or $986. Next up is the the VAIO Pro 11 that is priced ¥120,000 or $1,180 while the VAIO Pro 13 sports a sticker price of ¥130,000 or roughly about $1,280.

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