New Update to Google Chrome Mobile Browser Offers Significant Speed and Security Enhancements; Tough Luck for NSA

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Google Chrome Web browser, which accounts for 24.67% of entire desktop browser market share across the world, has become one of the most powerful Web browsers when it comes to fighting spam. It also offers users astounding speed in handling data.

There is a new update to Google's Chrome Web browser that has taken the efficiency of browsing to the next level, according to CultureMob. The update will reportedly make a tangible difference in rendering speed of Web pages for users on mobile phones.

Interested users can download the latest Chrome browser for Android phones and tablets from the Google Play Store. However, the latest version of the Android operating system comes packed with this browser as default.

Speed Boost and Enhanced Security Feature

Although Google has a reputation of being cautious about security, it has always been criticised for eating up excessive personal, private and useful information shared online for its own benefit. The CultureMob report hints data could be especially used in reaping up more advertisement revenue from users. Nevertheless, in the advent of the National Security Agency's (NSA) now well-known snooping saga (on personal data) of users across the world, the company has come up with a couple of updates to counter the fear in the minds of users on sharing private and personal details online.

Many units and products of Google have been successfully converted into encrypted forms of data sharing and communication. The encryption will forbid snooping around for shared data.

Google Chrome for Android is among the company's products that will be getting security updates. Google is employing two very powerful encryption algorithms that are unavailable to other Web browsers. These algorithms are "Poly1305" and "ChaCha20". Elie Bursztein, head of Google's anti-abuse team, wrote in a blog post that these algorithms will enhance the level of security of the Web browser.

Bursztein says the two algorithms offer the advantage of faster browsing speeds for users on mobile devices, as they take advantage of the latest generation ARM chips embedded on the latest smartphones.

How is Google Evading NSA's Spying Eyes?

The ultimate way to evade spying is by utilising the algorithms to scramble or disorder data in such a way that they cannot be picked up by the NSA and other security agencies easily. As an obvious step, passwords will be scrambled further to avoid NSA's purview. Additionally, this will make sure hackers/attackers don't break into systems.

According to CultureMob, the latest generation smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and higher, can take advantage of this browser improvement since the Poly1305 and ChaCha20 algorithm combination is capable of sending nearly 140 MB per second of encrypted data. This is possible only because of the superior processing power of such devices as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Interested users can download the browser for Android phones by clicking here. It is worth noting Google Chrome is available as a free download for iOS as well.

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