NEW TRAILER ‘White House Down’ 2013: Channing Tatum’s Action-Packed Film: Early Twitter Buzz


He has been dubbed as an “action hero who can act,” and hot Hollywood actor, Channing Tatum proves just that. His latest action-packed film with Jamie Foxx, ‘White House Down’ has already been getting an early buzz on Twitter and fans couldn’t wait to see the film on its opening day!

The first-time dad takes on bad guys with Jamie Foxx in White House Down and the film by Roland Emmerich is already getting the attention of movie-buffs on Twitter. The film features Channing as Secret Service agent Cale. His main job is to paralyze a group of terrorists hell bent to take over the White House. Joining forces with the President of the United States played by Jamie Foxx, the film shows more hot moves and great acting from the Magic Mike star.

A new trailer has been released showing Channing “engaged in a firefight” with heavily armed-group men. The short clip makes you hold on to your seat as lots of bullets and a lot of sliding and diving, more like dancing for Magic Mike have been used to tease viewers.

The latest clip for White House Down also allows movie enthusiasts to see Jamie Foxx in action, much harder and jaw-dropping moves by the actor than he did in Django Unchained. Inquistr noted Jamie wearing Jordans which the news outlet described as “a little out-of-place but fun to watch” at the same time especially if worn by someone portraying the President of the USA.

After seeing the short clip, members of the Twitterverse are dying with anticipation to see Channing in action.

Peter Sciretta@slashfilm: “White House Down is the dumb fun popcorn film of the summer. My favorite Roland Emmerich movie since ID4. @WHD” “Early word from our @ErikDavis is that WHITE HOUSE DOWN is Roland Emmerich's best movie since INDEPENDENCE DAY. Funny and fun. Can't wait!” Kenneth :) @KenTanudjaja: “Just finished watching a preview of #WhiteHouseDown. Definitely an A+. Hilarious and yet thrilling. See it on the opening day like really.” Victor Wilson @chicken_niggle: “White House Down is the first movie I've seen where the audience actually clapped during the movie.” ErikDavis @ErikDavis: “WHITE HOUSE DOWN is Emmerich's first movie since ID4 to find that perfect balance between drama, action and humor. It's silly, but DAMN FUN” Steven Weintraub @colliderfrosty: “like all @rolandemmerich movies, WHITE HOUSE DOWN is meant to be enjoyed with some popcorn, soda & friends wanting a fun time at movies” blitzmegaplex ‏@blitzmegaplex : “Yay! Indonesia will be the 1st country to release @WHD RT @channingtatum” Steven Weintraub ‏@colliderfrosty: “WHITE HOUSE DOWN works due to the pairing of @channingtatum & @iamjamiefoxx. Both are having fun and Tatum shows he's an action star.” Channing Tatum ‏@channingtatum: “RT @tomsaunders1991: @channingtatum just saw the extended @WHD trailer. Looks unreal. Can't wait to see the full film!”

Even fans from Australia could not wait to enjoy the film with some pop corn.

Channing Tatum ‏@channingtatum: “ RT @mariahCBX when is WHITE HOUSE DOWN Out in Australia ? I'm so psyched to watch it.”

The film is set to be released in the US on June 28, 2013. Indonesian fans noted that it is the first country lucky to see the film outside of the U.S. Before its June 28-release, White House Down will be shown in five countries on June 27, particularly in Kuwait, Lebanon, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea. See the complete list of the release dates here.

Scroll down for the VIDEO featuring WHD extended trailer.

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