New Trailer of 'Game of Thrones' Promises Spectacular Season 4 Released [Spoiler Alert]

By @snksounak on

A new trailer for the HBO series Game of Thrones was released on Sunday, March 9. The trailer injects enough adrenaline for every diehard fan of the series to breathe faster. Moreover, the trailer is expected to be equally appalling to any reader who has been an admirer of the novels of R.R. Martin. If you are not a fan of Game of Thrones yet, this trailer may strike the right chord to make you one.

The fourth season has been a highly anticipated one, and the trailer does complete justice to the expectation. The third trailer, which is called "Secrets," is all about the major characters of the series getting engaged in either concealing or discovering some kind of a secret from one another. While Joffrey unveils his brand new shining sword, the trailer starts in style. Metro tells us that the sword is forged from "ice." Ned Stark previously held the sword. According to the novels, the Lannisters melted the original weapon so that new blades can be made with it. Interestingly, the premiere of the season 4 will take place in the U.S. on Sunday, April 6, with an episode called "Two Swords."

While we come to know that Sansa keeps thinking about what happened to her brother and mother, she apparently struggles adjusting herself to the new role of being Tyrion's wife. The trailer strongly indicates the Red Viper to arrive, while The Wildlings keep on planning their charge against the Night's Watch men. While Ser Barristan Selmy preaches, "Sometimes it is better to answer injustice with mercy," Daenerys indicates ominous possibilities with her reply: "I will answer injustice with justice."

The season 4 is apparently all set to enthral its viewers with extraordinary action sequences, as indicated in the trailer itself. We can also see Daenerys' dragons all grown up. The fans of the literary version have been apprehensive that the limited budget for television will deprive them of the "real" adventure that the novels provide. Let's put this straight. Expect nothing short of an extravaganza.

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