New Technology That Will Enhance Smartphones Battery Introduced

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Jake Snyder (bottom R) and a large gathering of concert goers charge their mobile phones during the Firefly Music Festival in Dover June 21, 2014.
Jake Snyder (bottom R) and a large gathering of concert goers charge their mobile phones during the Firefly Music Festival in Dover June 21, 2014. The four-day festival is set at the 105 acre grounds on the Dover International Speedway where many well known bands will perform. REUTERS

New technologies that could greatly enhance and prolong the use of smartphones are being introduced. These devices are supposed to improve battery capacity for longer and more convenient use.

Nowadays, smartphones are used regularly that it quickly drains its battery. The widescreen, playing games, video or audio playing and other apps cause high usage of battery.

A study from Nanotechnology Journal shows a possible way to improve or double the capacity of smartphone batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used by trending gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and cameras. The publishers of the Nanotech study -- Yi Cui and Guangyuang Zheng of Stanford University wrote about the development of high energy storage batteries. They have also concluded that lithium metal would be optimal as anode material. They used carbon nanospheres that caused the batteries to last longer, NDTV reports.

"A new nanotech could double your Smartphone's battery life" said NDTV.

Meanwhile, an electronic company introduced a new gadget last month that could charge smartphone battery 8 times faster than a regular battery charger.

uNu Electronics Inc - a global manufacturer and distributor of mobile-electronic accessories created a battery pack that charges most smartphones in just 15 minutes. The Ultrapak Portable Battery Pack is a power bank that's able to gain 2000 mAH of power in 15 minutes charging, NDTV reports.

"Instead of charging a phone for 15 minutes, which may yield less than 10% additional power, users can promptly recharge the Ultrapak and collect enough backup power to keep their phones going for a full day. The invention of the Ultrapak fulfills the urgent needs of a fast-charging solution in a time sensitive power deficiency" said Brian Westphal -- Chief Marketing Officer on UNU press release.

There are two different versions of Ultrapak -- the Ultrapak GO and the Ultrapak TOUR. These are invented to help users not to worry about their batteries while traveling and reduce charging time of gadgets. The Ultrapak GO have a maximum charging time of 30 minutes that can store 3000 mAH of energy while Ultrapak TOUR requires 1 hour and 20 minutes to store 10,000 mAH, UNU reports.

Ultrapak GO is available for pre-order at a price of 64 AUD and Ultrapak TOUR is at 105 AUD.

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