New Samsung Patents: New Samsung Galaxy S5 Design, Curved Tablet Margins and Augmented Reality Keyboard

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As the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S5 nears, the Korean company seems to be moving on with its other visions and devices that may be set for release later on to possibly complement its flagship.

A number of patents have been seen for Samsung, all of which are pushing for possibly new designs for its other products, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 and wearable technology.

The latter is the latest find, wherein Samsung's patent filing may be pointing to an augmented reality keyboard that enumerates the section of each finger excluding the thumb to become a keyboard character.

Android Authority has snapshots of the patent and how it seems to be used for the devices. Going beyond voice recognition, as Samsung identifies its weakness in noisy environments, the trendsetting company now looks at the AR keyboard that features a number of layout depending on the one-hand or two-hand usage of the device.

How this works is that a camera supposedly tracks and analyses the user's finger movements and translates them according to the assigned characters.

A Curved Samsung Tablet

Another interesting patent that had been seen for the Korean company is a design for a tablet which features curved edges. This does not make it a curved display by any means. Rather, Phone Arena reports that it has curved left and right margins for better handling of the device.

The bezels are very thin, and the size of the device makes it fit nicely into Samsung's tablet family. It's a pretty nice take on the tablet and one that can set it apart from the rest of the swarm without being called out for putting a unique design over easy navigation and handling.

But, of course, there are no announcements from Samsung as of yet, so this should be treated more as a possible design than an upcoming tablet device.

An Edge-to-Edge Display for Another Samsung Galaxy S5?

There had been a number of concepts and designs that had circulated for the Samsung Galaxy S5 before it was unveiled, and one of those that had been well-received by fans is the nearly no bezel look of the device.

This is because the no bezel would allow for precious display space added without the need for adding more inches to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

GigaOM has spotted a patent that had revealed an almost no bezel design for a Samsung device. The overall shape of the design as seen in the patent snapshots in the link does hint at a possible Samsung Galaxy S5, but the report also brings up the possibility of it being the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 because of what may be an S Pen Slot.

The design is the main focus here, and if the rumoured 5.25-inch display version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that can be a prime device has any bearing, this would be a good peg for the design.

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