New Samsung Galaxy Tab Model Shows Up: To Feature AMOLED Display with 2K Resolution and More

By @peevesky on

Upcoming 2014 Android tablets appear more interesting by the day, as a new Samsung Galaxy Tab model shows up. According to recent information, the Korean tech giant will be releasing a new tablet device featuring an AMOLED display and 2K resolution. It is not clear when the device will come out, but it appears Samsung is gearing up for a surge of tablet releases from its biggest rival, Apple. Can Samsung deliver?

Samsung already has dozens of Android tablets on the market. However, despite the differences in specs and sizes, the company has only released one model with an AMOLED display: the Galaxy Tab 7.7 released in 2011.

It appears the Korean tech giant wants to include more AMOLED tablets in its line-up. Several reports now indicate that the next Samsung Galaxy tablet will be featuring a high resolution plus AMOLED display. According to a report by TechnoBuffalo, a new Samsung device has been spotted in GFXBench benchmark. The unit features a 10.5-inch screen display.

Particularly, the new Android-based Samsung tablet will be featuring an AMOLED display offering 2K (2,560 x 1,600) resolution. These features are on the high-end arena. Other reported features for the device include an octa-core Exynos 5 chipset, internal storage up to 11 GB and 2.7 GB RAM. The device will also feature a 7-MP primary camera with a 2-MP front camera.

However, there are also reports saying that Samsung may offer another configuration for the device. The final product may come with an 8-MP primary camera and a 3 GB RAM instead. It may run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat unless Google decides to release another operating system.

Based from the specs reported, it appears Samsung wants to target the high-end market even more. This is a similar market Apple has been targeting throughout the years with its iPad series. Analysts note that it will be interesting to see how Samsung's new tablet will do considering the increasingly saturated market of Android tablets. Can the AMOLED display and 2K resolution make the tablet standout? People will have to find out after Samsung's official announcement and product release.

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