NEW PHOTOS! Robert Pattinson’s Ex, Kristen Stewart Inks Black Tattoos in her Wrists


While Robert Pattinson was throwing a Great Gatsby-themed glamorous party at his Spanish-villa style home in Los Angeles on June 22, his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart was having a grand time of her life a day before the soiree, having her wrist inked in Tennessee on June 21, Friday.

The 23-year-old actress has added on her post-Robsten split list another new thing on her life, another way to move on after the break-up: Kristen now has a red tattoo on her right wrist.

The new ink was revealed by the tattoo parlor she visited with her friends over the weekend. On their Web site, the Pride Glory Tattoo Parlor posted photos of Kristen posing with parlor staff, fans and K-Stew’s friends.

Members of staff express admiration for Rob’s ex as they wrote: “Love her. She is a humble amazing soul.”

A look at the series of photos of Kristen showed the star looking happy at some of them, as she showed her rare smiles. But a closer look in most of the photos showed the usual Kristen, looking glum and with blank look in her eyes.

But whatever it was she was feeling following her split from Rob, the actress was able to hide it as she posed with them.

Meanwhile, the On the Road star seems to be “on the road” (pardon the pun) lately. She was last spotted dining at a Hooters’ restaurant in Amarillo, Texas.

Sky News cited a source as describing Kristen as trying not to be noticed but being an international face as she has been, it was hard for the Twilight star. A guy soon approached her, said the report, and requested for photo.

'She was trying not to be noticed, so she sat with her back to the restaurant. When she was eating, a guy asked her if she was Kristen Stewart. She said, 'Yes.' When the guy asked her if he could take a photo, she asked if she could take it after her meal,” the source was quoted as saying by Sky News.

The source added, “'She was really nice, she smiled and said bye before she left.”

Robert and Kristen broke up on May 19, days before Rob walked out on her in the morning of his birthday. The former couple has never spoke since then and they have continued to keep their fans in the dark about the real cause of their second split.

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